Intergalactic Insects is about some bugs in space. And some other things. Featuring Wade, Winston, and Wilson the Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches, and Ripley the Giant Millipede. Each was a beloved pet that’s passed away. If you have a pet you miss and would like to be featured as a guest feel free to email me a picture of them and a little bit about their personality over at space.space@intergalacticinsects.space and I’ll try my best to include them. Updates will be on Mondays. Sometimes more, sometimes a little less. But mostly on time. Maybe. Ok, to be honest updates will probably be sporadic.

I’m Gray Glitterpunk, a queer, trans, disabled artist who lives in Glasgow, Scotland. I have a variety of other pieces of nice art you can find over on facebook as Frak Art. Come chat to me on twitter at @SwittersParrot or follow my insta at @stupidpelican. Thanks for stopping by.