Intergalactic Insects is about some bugs in space. And some other things. Featuring Wade, Winston, and Wilson the Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches, and Ripley the Giant Millipede. Each was a beloved pet that’s passed away. If you have a pet you miss and would like to be featured as a guest feel free to email me a picture of them and a little bit about their personality over at space.space@intergalacticinsects.space and I’ll try my best to include them. Updates will be on Mondays. Sometimes more, sometimes a little less. But mostly on time. Maybe. Ok, to be honest updates will probably be sporadic.

I’m Arete (Gray) Glitterpunk, an artist who lives in Glasgow, Scotland. I have a variety of other pieces of nice art you can find over on facebook as Frak Art, you can buy my stickers and prints over at Etsy. Come chat to me on my insta at @stupidpelican. Thanks for stopping by.